Kathleen Battle and the Negro Spiritual she sang

Negro Spirituals are religious music of African Americans during slavery spirituals began during the Great Awakening.

Spirituals were used to cope and to send messages to others who were enslaved. They made the songs to have conversations with one another and just to be able to sing songs that they wanted to sing, not songs that were forced.

In 1991, Kathleen Battle sang a popular spiritual named “Lord How Come Me Here.” The lyrics are so powerful and amazing how you can hear the emotion in the song as she sings it. She really makes you understand how the enslaved people really felt and what they went through.

The way that the song was composed you can really feel every emotion that is being felt. From eerie to sad and some might even feel uncomfortable. This song tells you about the pain and suffering that they enslaved went through on a daily basis and how they thought that they would never get out of slavery. The way that Kathleen Battle sings this song takes you back to really think about the treatment and cruelty that slaves went through each and everyday. They questioned their life and if they would ever be treated equally.

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