Jubilee Quartets

jubilee quartets




Golden Gate

The group was founded as the Golden Gate Jubilee Singers in 1934, by four students at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk, Virginia. They began as a traditional jubilee quartet, combining the clever arrangements associated with barbershop quartets with rhythms borrowed from the blues and jazz like scat singing. Their hard work and unique style got them inducted into The Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1998.


The group was founded in 1942 by Barney Parks, who had formerly sung with the Dixie Hummingbirds. Some of their songs include "Songs of Praise" and "Glory Glory."

Fisk Jubilee

The original Fisk Jubilee Singers introduced ‘slave songs’ to the world in 1871 and were instrumental in preserving this unique American musical tradition known today as Negro spirituals.


Jubilee Quartet
The Norfolk Jubilee was the best known and most influential group of this sort to emerge from the Tidewater region of Virginia prior to the appearance of their best-known followers the Golden Gate Quartet.


The Dixie Hummingbirds are an influential American gospel music group, spanning more than 80 years from the jubilee quartet style of the 1920s, through the "hard gospel" quartet style of gospel's golden age in the 1940s and 1950s, to the eclectic pop-tinged songs of today.

The Mills

Originally known as the Four Kings of Harmony, were an African-American jazz and pop vocal quartet who made more than 2,000 recordings that sold more than 50 million copies and garnered at least three dozen gold records. The First African-American artists to have a #1 hit on the Billboard chart, the Mills Brothers were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 1998.

Deep River

The Deep River Boys were an American gospel music group active from the mid-1930s and into the 1980s. The group performed spirituals, gospel, and R&B. The group began at Hampton Institute, now known as Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia. Initial success came about through their winning a talent competition on the radio which, in turn, led to further radio and stage appearances.


Best known from their appearance on the soundtrack and on screen, O Brother Where Art Thou, The Grammy Award-winning Fairfield Four continue to perform a cappella & have been singularly important in revitalizing & preserving the oldest style of traditional spiritual & gospel singing.

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