Jubilee Quartet: Was There Only Four or More?

Jubilee Quartets: Was There Only 4 or More?

           Jubilee Quartets were the merging between folk and blues. The Jubilee Quartet genre not only consisted of four-person quartets but University Jubilee Quartets, Minstrel Shows, Community-Based, Sacred Harp and Barbershop Community Quartets. The Minstrel Shows during this era were the most controversial because the intent of these was not to celebrate Black people, they basically mocked blacks and dressed up in “Black Face”. Blackface was when white performers would use makeup to appear “Black”. During these performances, the white performers dressed in blackface would imitate African Americans. Jubilee Quartets symbolized a transition for African American people. This was some of the first time you would see more organized singing, with groups or black people eventually getting credit for their composing and performances. This genre got more exposure because the technology was advancing which led to some artists getting vinyl records made. The popular Quartets include The Golden Gate Quartet, The Soul Stirrers, The Blind Boys of Alabama, and the Fisk Jubilee Singers. The Jubilee Quartet genre gave African American great exposure leading to groups like the Golden Gate Quartet getting to perform in some of America’s grandest places.

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