Jubilee Quartet

Jubilee quartet was of group of African-American men who would sing religious music in the early 20th century. The Fisk Jubilee singers were the first to make the jubilee style popular. There are three main periods that the jubilee quartet consist of. 

The first period of the jubilee quartets is the jubilee period. The jubilee period was from  1880-1929 and when the quartet sang, they sang without a beat or music. During this period you had the university jubilee quartet, community based jubilee quartet and many more quartets. A famous jubilee quartet that was popular during this period were the Mitchell Christian Singers.

The second period of the jubilee quartet is the transitional period. During this period, there was music when they sang. This period became the more rhythmic period. Also this period lasted from 1930 to about 1945. Also during this period the jubilees began singing in churches and touring and doing so much more.

The last period of the jubilee quartet was the gospel period. This was the period when they started to transition to singing gospel music. This period was from 1946 to about 1969. During this period jubilees began using instruments and used the bass really often. They also began to change up their singing styles and began to improvise more.

In conclusion the jubilee quartet had many phases and continued to change over time. They changed from having having no music and just harmonizing and singing a cappella to singing with music and still harmonizing.

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