Jubilee Quartets  started in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. The money made from the performances would be used to fund historically black colleges and universities. The first jubilee quartet was started at Fisk University  and they were called the “Fisk Jubilee Singers” There were many different types of Jubilee Quartets. Here are some examples: 

  • Sacred harp quartets: Performed in churches 
  • Community quartets: Were based and performed within small communities 
  • Minstrel quartets: Performed in at minstrel shows for the entertainment of white people 
  • Barbershop quartets: Performed in businesses and had a large communities  
  • University quartets: Quarters that performed to make money for their school

The quarters consist of four singers: two tenors, one bass, and baritones. 

Amari Davis

Amari Davis

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