John Legend the Legend


John Stephens was born in in Springfield, Ohio on December 28, 1978. He is the child of  Phyllis and Ronald Stephens,. When John Legend was 5 years old he began to play the piano and sing Gospel music in the church where both his parents were muscians were to. When John Legend was 20, he was picked up by Lauryn Hill when she noticed his talents.

John Legend’s carrer began when we started producing and writing his music. He released his first two albums, His self-titles demo and Live at Jimmy’s Uptown. In 2001, John Legend was brought to Kanye West’s attention, where he was hired to sing in his music. He got his stage name, John Legend, from J. Ivy.

John Legend had his first debut album, Get Lifted in 2004. It was number 7 on the us Billboard 200. He was featured in plenty of following albums that helped him become a bigger artist. His second album, Once Again, reached number three on Billboard 200.Legend sang for Barack Obama’s campaign. 

×John legends musical inspirations are Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Paul Robeson, and Bob Dylan.

×He is an inspiration to many singers who are uprising in soul and r&b music. 
× John Legend music genre is soul and r&b music



› Get Lifted (2004)

› Once Again (2006)

› Evolver (2008)

› Love In the Future (2013)

› Darkness and Light (2016)

› A Legendary Christmas (2016)

Get Lifted

› Prelude

› Let’s Get Lifted

› Used to Love U

› Alright

› She Don’t Have to Know

› Number One

› I Can Change

› Ordinary People

› Stay With you

› Let’s Get Lifted Again


• Save Room

• Heaven

• Stereo

• Show Me

• Each Day Gets Better

• King & Queen 

• P.D.A.

• Slow Dance

• Again

• Maxine

• Where Did My Baby Go

• Maxine’s Interlude

• Another Again

• Coming Home


• Good Morning

• Green Light

• It’s Over

v Everybody Knows

• Quickly

• Cross the Line

• No Other Love

• This Time

• Satisfation

• Take me Away

• Good Morning

• I Love, Your, Love

• If You’re Out There


Wake Up!

Hard Times

Compared to What

Wake Up Everybody

Our Generation

Little Ghetto Boy

Hang On In There


Wholy Holy

I Can’t Write Left Handed

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free


Love In the Future

Love in the Future

The Beginning

Open Your Eyes

Made to Love

Who Do We Think We Are

All of Me

Hold On Longer

Save the Night


What If I Told You?


Wanna Be Loved


You & I


Caught Up

SO Gone

We Loved It

Aim High

For the First Time


Darkness and Light

I Know Better

Penthouse Floor

Darkness and Light


Love Me Now

What You Do to Me


Right By You

Temporarily Painless

How Can I Blame You

Same Old Story

Marching Into the Dark


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