The album, A Love Supreme, is known to be a very spiritual collection of music. Many describe the album as intense, passionate, and sincere. This album transcends time and space. It is music that people can find themselves in but very hard to explain in words; it’s a feeling. Some say that the album reflects Coltrane’s personal spiritual growth in dealing with his dependence on alcohol and heroin, but John Coltrane never stated the true meaning of the collection.

The album frame is a blues baseline consisting of four notes, a motif of A Love Supreme cadence in a sense, presented by the saxophone. Beyond the fixed baseline, the musicians, Coltrane, Tyner, Elvin Jones, and Jimmy Garrison, had all the freedom to express themselves in this album. Some may call it improvisation, but to some degree, it has a lot of control. The album was not like any album he had ever created; it is timeless.