John Coltrane & A Love Supreme

In 1964, John Coltrane recorded an album called “A Love Supreme.  Through this album, he expressed his beliefs. There’s four parts to the album.  The first being titled “Acknowledgement.”  The second being titled “Resolution.”  The third being titled “Pursuance.”  The final being titled “Psalm.”  On each part he plays the saxophone. The album is considered a jazz piece.  Coltrane had been struggling with drug addiction prior to this album so this album can be seen as an awakening for him. Through each part of the album, he takes you on a journey that showcases his feelings and experiences.  


Psalm is the final section of the album.  This section is the most important to the album. Most would say this is a “musical narration.”  In this section, Coltrane plays the words of a poem.  He does not sing or speak them but the story is told through the saxophone.  Psalm has a slower beat to it and it may be because he wanted to get every word out and portrayed. Through this section, Coltrane keeps a static harmony.  This shows how important it is and he feels it deeply. 

A Reflection

In listening to the album it made me think back to high school.  I was heavily involved in the music section of my school.  The music teachers would always say I had a knack for jazz, as one of my favorite songs is “Take the A Train” by Duke Ellington.  I studied mostly Jazz music in high school so listening to this album was definitely something I enjoyed.  Between the harmony and balance and also the story being told through the saxophone. 


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