Implications of Folk Music

Implications of Folk Music In 1865, folk music emitted a sense of hope, comfort, and faith, but was distinguished by its secular nature, storytelling, and

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What’s Up With Folk?

What’s Up With Folk? “That’s all folks… Music” Article Critique by Sarah Bradford Folk Music originated in 1865 in the Americas from Africans of from

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Folk Post

Origin Folk music has been a part of African American history since we arrived in the Americas. Folk music is performed by people and people

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Folk music started as early as the 1930s and got its sound from traditional, rural music. Folk music was known for songs that usually pass

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Folk Music by Jordan Bogans

Folk music originated in the South, the land of soul, spirituals, and rich harmonies. Slaves created this style of music in order to communicate their struggle and ambitions of hope and liberation. Music, art, and dance were very important during this time period, as it gave African Americans a mode of expression and allowed them to maintain their culture despite being enslaved.

Call-and-Response was a very important musical styling used in folk music. It consisted of a lead calling out a line with a group answering. Pattin Juba was also an element within this genre, it was a dance used to tell stories through song..

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