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04 March 2018

Dr. Johnson

Biographical Study Outline


Biographical Study Outline: “Jhene Aiko – Healing Through The Arts”

Artist: Jhene Aiko

Research Methodology:

Thesis: Through the traumas of pain and personal experience, Jhene Aiko uses her growing platform to be an advocate for mental health awareness and healing through the arts. She does so through her music and more recently through the release of her latest major project: M.A.P.


Introduction: The introduction will include an overview of Jhene Aiko’s career and her early/family life as it pertains to her career and M.A.P. project. The introduction will provide background knowledge for context of the M.A.P. project.

  • Who is Jhene Aiko?
    • Career overview
    • Early Life
    • Family life
      • Relationship with brother

Body: The body of this paper will explain Jhene Aiko’s journey through the music industry. It will show the progression of her mental state through her discography and growth as an artist. The M.A.P. project, what it is, and the purpose it serves towards mental health advocacy will be explained as well.

  • Music Career
    • Early career
    • Newfound Success
      • Discography
      • Accomplishments
  • Mental Health & Healing
    • Bipolar disorder and grief
    • M.A.P.S. Project
    • Healing

Conclusion: The conclusion will be a summary of the paper, again outlining and highlighting Jhene Aiko’s support of mental health awareness through her music.

  • Current life
    • Mental state of being
    • Finding Happiness
    • Outlook of her mental health advocacy in her career moving forward


Synahia Tigner

Synahia Tigner

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