Jesus, Lover of My Soul Vs. King of Glory- Gospel

Edwin Hawkins Singers - Jesus, Lover of My Soul

Jesus, Lover of My Soul by the Edwin Hawkins Singers was released in 1969.

Todd Dulaney - King of Glory

King of Glory was released in 2018 by Todd Dulaney.


King of Glory and Jesus,Lover of My Soul were made 49 years apart and you can tell how music has changed. In King of Glory there are many different types of instruments used such as the drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, organ, bells and strings. This is a huge step up compared to Jesus, Lover of My Soul which used piano, tambourine, light drum, maybe a bass guitar and bells. Something I noticed in both of the songs is they use call-response. In King of Glory you could tell that there was 2 lead singers and some background singers. Since the song is so new it has a lot of tracks in it therefore the sound is much different that Jesus,Lover of My Soul. I think that beats that are created for songs can create a good track which evolves in to epic music. 



Overall, Gospel is a genre that is always changing but, also continues to bring back its old elements. From this assignment I learned how gospel evolved over the years. It was kind of hard figuring out all the instruments played in the songs but, I definitely have learned how to differentiate some instruments.

Lauryn Sanders

Lauryn Sanders

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