Jelly Roll Morton

Jelly Roll Morton had one of the biggest influences on Jazz music because he was the one that created it. He invented Jazz in 1902 and ever since then it had skyrocketed and so many people made their own different versions of Jazz.

At the early age of 14 Jelly Roll began playing the piano and also began writing lyrics to the songs he was playing. To some, Mr. Morton is the creator of jazz and some do not believe he was. Since he was from New Orleans he played a type of jazz music known as trad jazz. . The way Jelly Roll used to play was magical. People thought his statement was controversial when he said that he created Jazz. Only his supporters and some other people believed he created Jazz. One thing that he was first to do was, he was the first to arrange jazz music. As soon as he did that many others were quick to follow.  The type of jazz music that he played had a Spanish influence to it. Jelly Roll was a pianist and he was in a band called the Red Hot Peppers.

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