Jeff Mills

American DJ, record producer, and composer. Mills is a founding member of Underground Resistance, a techno collective formed with ‘Mad” Mike Banks.

Mills is the founder and owner of Axis Records, a record label he founded in 1992.The label is based in Chicago, Illinois and is responsible for the release of much of his solo work.

Early Career

Mills started his career in the early 1980’s using the name “The Wizard.” He performed DJ tricks like scratching and beat juggling on his nightly radio show. The radio show was called “The Wizard” and highlighted local techno artists such as Kevin Saunderson and Juan Atkins. Mills served as a DJ for numerous dance clubs in Detroit; however, he credits The Necto as the club that he was able to experiment and explore new ideas in techno music.

Underground Resistance

The Underground Resistance embraced revolutionary rhetoric and only appeared in public dressed in ski masks and black combat suits. Mills never officially left the group but he began to venture outside of the group and work on his own projects.

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