What is Jazz Music?



Jazz music originated in the African American community. Jazz music developed from the influence of blues and ragtime music. Like the blues and ragtime genres of music, jazz music has the characteristics of the call and response style, and the rhythm of the music gives off a “swing” effect.

Different Types of Jazz

Jazz is known for its improvisation. This is due to the influence of blues, ragtime, work songs, and folk music. There are many styles of jazz, such as cool jazz, west coast jazz, modal jazz, and free jazz. Cool jazz is known for its melodic rhythm, calmness, and smoothness. Free jazz is known for its sound being free of town. Meter beat and symmetry are all absent during the composition of free jazz.

Some notorious African American jazz composers are Duke Ellington, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, and Louis Armstrong. 


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Duke Ellington

Enjoy Jazz Music



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