3 trailblazing BEBOP Jazz artists


A type of small-band modern jazz music originating in the early 1940s. Bebop has roots in swing music and involves fast tempos, uncommon improvisation, complex harmonies and chord progressions. With a focus on individuality it broke up the metronomic regularity of the drummer’s rhythmic pulse and produced solos played in double time.

Charlie Parker

Originally from Missouri, he was  Known to be a jazz saxophonist that truly changed the sound of Jazz. Charlie Parker was one of the founders of the sound of bebop jazz. He was good for creating fast melodies. Unlike swing improvisations that fell with or on the melody, Parker created new melodies influneced by the strucutre of the song, an early form of snycopation. 

Ella Fitzgerald

Originally from Virgina, Ella Fitzgerald and her family wer apart of the great migration to New York. In November 1934 she preformed in amateur night contest at the Apollo Theater. She was known around Harlem by the age 18. In 1938 she had her first chart-topping hit. Fitzgerald’s voice had a range of 3 octaves and was an amazing scat singer. 

Thelonious Monk

Originally from North Carolina Thelonious Monk was known to be an eccentric jazz pianist in the early 40’s. His often uptempo and jarring melodies were looked at as stranged. As time went on and Monk honed his skill he sound was unique. Much like Parker, he was a founding bebop jazz artist. 

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