Jazz it Up a Little

Jazz It Up a Little

The genre of Jazz began originated in 1985 in its New Orleans, Louisiana. There are many forms of jazz that have originated over the years and become very popular within the Black community. Musical techniques from styles such as ragtime, gospel and others were used to make jazz music. Buddy Bolden was one of the first jazz musicians who paved the way for this genre and other artists that would eventually follow in his footsteps. 

Popular Jazz Styles


Bebop Jazz is a very fast tempo jazz style that developed within New Orleans in the 1940s. It consists of rapid chord changes.



Free Jazz is a jazz style that developed in the 1960s that consists of a variation of rhythms, instruments and more.


Modal Jazz originated in the 1950s and also around the time civil rights movement.  It’s usually based or one or two chords.



Fusion Jazz developed in the late 1960s that consists of a combination of many genres such as funk, R&B, rock, and more.


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Popular Jazz Artists

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