Jazz Fusion: A Beautiful Blend

What is Jaz Fusion?

To begin, Jazz Fusion is a genre of music that not only combines jazz’s harmonic qualities but, rhythm and blues, rock & roll, and funk. Compared to traditional jazz, also known as trad jazz, jazz fusion primarily focuses on electric and electronic instruments as its developmental sound, which was something that was more commonly explored in the genre of rock music during the time of its forthcoming.

This twist was the beginning of expounding jazz, giving is an innovation and unique sound. The word “fusion” stands for itself, as it is the mixture of all the different genres.

Things like synthesizers are commonly used. This genre of jazz or explored by Miles Davis in the 60s. Although he is commonly known for bebop and cool jazz, in which he explored in the 40s and 50s, he wanted to find something to set himself apart. He knew that he couldn’t play any faster than those bebop musicians, and he had already slowed it down a bit with cool; so, this left him with one other option, electronic instruments. He made use of his trumpet with the combination of electric instruments and elements derived from rock & roll and funk.

This introduced many new waves of music and artists that we have come to know and love today (ie: Herbie Hancock). Herbie Hancock was also a very prominent figure in the genre of jazz fusion. The unique style of jazz paved the way for many artist.

Jazz fusion was revitalizing,  as it showed that jazz can adapt to new times, while still keeping some components of what makes the genre jazz what it is known for today. 


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