Jazz: Classical Appeal


Although Jazz is its own genre, there are many subgenres of this miraculous genre. These subgenres include Classical/ Traditional, Bebop, Free Jazz, Jazz Fusion, and Modal. These subgenre exsit because each one has its own unqiue twist to the orginal genre. For example Bebop, instead of having a set tempo and more calm melody like traditional jazz, it is more freestyling and faster tempo.

Out of all of the types we learned in class, classical/traditional is my favorite. We can thank New Orleans for the origination of Traditional Jazz. Most of the melody and pace for traditional jazz was influence by ragtime music and swing bands. There are numerous famous black artist that took this genre and made it their own such as, Louis Armstrong, Wynton Marshall, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis. These artist were able to create a sense of pride throughout their community by providing a creative way for African Americans to express themselves through the genre.

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