Jazz: Evolution and Impact by Nia Legrand


“Jazz is spontaneous”
“Jazz is on the upbeat”
“Jazz in swing music”

Jazz is representative of world culture. However, it is rooted in West Africa. Jazz came about through slavery with the mix of West African culture and European culture.  Some notable early jazz instruments are the triangle, harp, and banjo which originated in Africa.  


King Buddy Bolden- 1st Trumpet King

Louis Armstrong- Father of Trumpet Jazz, most influencial

Joseph Oliver

Jelly Roll Morton

Sam Wooding

Mary Lou Williams- leading lady of modern jazz

Charlie Parker

How did Jazz Travel?

Jazz originated in New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans provided an environment for a fresh new art form. King Buddy Bolden recognized this and became the father of the organized jazz solo. Southern black audiences aided in jazz becoming more mainstream. Jazz was incredibly alive during the 1920s.  Jazz eventually moved to major cities in the north such as Chicago, Illinois, Detroit, Michigan, and Harlem, New York. Jelly Roll Morton was known for performing jazz in the cities of Chicago and Detroit. Soon after, people began to move to Harlem for its pool of talent and exciting nightlife. Jazz became a staple of Harlem nightlife, influenced by Duke Ellington’s orchestra.  In 1924, jazz was taken overseas by Sam Wooding to Berlin, Barcelona, and  South America. In the 1940s,  jazz spread to Kansas City, which led to an uprising in boogie-woogie. 

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