Jazz through 1930s- 1940s

By: Sierra Foster

  • The genre of Jazz seems to be a combination of the earlier genres rag times and blues.
  • Jazz began in New Orleans, which is said to be due to the freedom for individuality in Congo Square, where the Africans were allowed to play however they wanted.
  • Rag Times-> Jazz (Traditional) -> Swing-> BeBop-> Free Jazz
  • Jazz focuses on the brass instruments (trumpet, saxophone, etc.)
  • Miles Davis- Known for cool jazz
  • Louis Armstrong played the trumpet and he also performed his songs by singing. An example of his more earlier music during the Trad Jazz era is the song “Potato Head Blues”.
  • BeBop was very prevalent during the 1940s
  • The World War 2 allowed for the transition from Traditional Jazz to the Swing music with swing bands.
  • Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonius Monk, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and Miles Davis were all prominent artists who specialized in the Jazz genre. Bessie Smith was a woman blues artist 
  • The Big 4 were the counts used for the Jazz music, like “Salt Peanut” by Dizzy Gillespie
  • Jazz Fusion  included Jazz and many other elements like afro music, creating “afro jazz”