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Jazmine Marie Sullivan is an African American singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania born on April 9, 1987. She started her career at a young age and made her national television debut on Showtime at the Apollo. Sullivan’s parents are musically gifted as well. Her mother, Pam, is a former backup singer for Philadelphia International Records. In 2005, she graduated from the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts where she was a vocal major.

Musical Development and Style(s)

Sullivan grew up in church and strict gospel has defined the development of her musical career. Hip-hip and jazz are her least listened to genres. If she hears something and is inspired, it will make its way into her repertoire. Sullivan loves to hear music with mixed genres. She sings a variety of genres such as R&B, pop, soul, reggae, etc.

Her exposure to secular music was initially limited. At 13, she sang with Stevie Wonder at his grandson’s birthday. At 15, she was signed to Jive Records and recorded an album that was dropped and never released. She maintained a working relationship with Missy Elliott.


Sullivan looks up to Stevie Wonder as a model in her career. “His songs covers so much. There is a song for every feeling.” Brandy, Changing Faces, Kim Burrell, Lauryn Hill, and Dorinda Clark-Cole 

Top Chart Songs and Diversity


When given a microphone, Jazmine Sullivan will turn it out. She is very lovable and energetic. Like many artists, she took a break from releasing music but she is not completely gone. When you spend time to focus on you and put the music and your fans aside, then you are perfecting yourself. I believe that she will continue to release top chart singles and hopefully an album when she is ready. She is a fearless phenomenal woman.


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