Extraordinary compared to other living rappers— and positively the most innovative and successful Jay-Z has manufactured a work that has transformed generations. Jay Z is one of the most influential figures in society. From music to humanitarian works, Jay Z is the epitome of progress in the black struggle.

-leah adams

Jay-Z , whose original name is Shawn Carter, is one of the most well-known rap artists. He was born in New York City on December 4th, 1969. In New York City, he grew up in Brooklyn, more specifically in Marcy Projects. His mother was Gloria Carter and his father was Adnes Reeves. Jay-Z has four siblings, two sisters and one brother. The presence of drugs and violence played a major toll on Jay-Z’s life when he was growing up and molded him to be the person he was. However, he was tired of the influence that it had on his life and he turned to music. Jay-Z’s rap career took off in the late 1980’s and ever since then he has had continual success. Jay-Z is one of the most influential and famous rappers in the world. There are three distinct features that make him the person he is today: his exposure to drugs and violence, his hustler mentality, and music.

-nia massey