Research methodology: My research methodology was very detailed. The first thing I did was find reliable and valuable sources that were related to Jay-Z. I aimed to get more books than website sources because I believe books would have better information. From there I made sure the books talked about the information that I needed. I went chapter by chapter finding information that matched the topic of my paper. 

Thesis: Jay-Z is one of the most influential and famous rappers in the world. His career was categorized by several distinctive events: his exposure to drugs and crime, his hustler mentality, and music.

  1. Introduction
  2. His Early Introduction to Drugs and Crimes
    1. Jay-Z was introduced to the life of drugs and crime at the age of 16
      1. He grew up in the Marcy projects in Brooklyn, which happen to be known for drugs and violence
      2. When he was 11, his father’s brother was stabbed to death. Also, his father got on drugs and left his family.
  1. He looked up to drug dealers in Brooklyn
  2. The feeling of selling drugs became addicting – he enjoyed the fast money
  3. When he was 12, he shot his 16-year-old brother and he stabbed a record producer in December 1999.
  1. Roc Nation now represents athletes
  2. Founded a clothing line, Rocawear
  3. He bought a champagne company called Armand de Brignac
  1. Music served as the stepping stone that allowed him to become the person he is today.
    1. Jay-Z believed music is what helped him survive
      1. It opened many doors that were going to serve as an influence in his life
      2. He met many influential people that would provide him business opportunities
  1. He met the love of his life and began an empire with her