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Janet Jackson is a well renowned singer, songwriter and dancer from Gary Indiana. Janet Jackson was born on May 16, 1966. She is the youngest out of ten children. She grew up in a musical family. Her brothers as known as the Jackson 5, and her sister Rebbie Jackson had a music career. In 1974, Janet Jackson and her brother Randy performed in the Jackson family’s Las Vegas act. A popular debut made by Janet Jackson was when she performed Sony, and Cher’s “ThBeat Goes On” on The Carol Burnett Show in 1975 with her brother Randy. She was 8 years old at the time. Her career started when she first appeared on the hit tv show Good Times in 1977. Janet played Penny, a young girl who runs away from her abusive mother and is later adopted by the character Willona. Janet Jackson also appeared on shows like A New Kind of FamilyDifferent Strokes, anFame.  

Janet Jackson’s timbre ranges from soft high pitch vocals to grunting, screaming and shouting, while still singing confidently. Her albums range from genres pop and R&B. Since starting her career, Janet Jackson has dealt with gender, racial bias, and hypersexuality in Hollywood. Janet Jackson’s music examines the experiences of Blackness and Black womanhood. Her sensual, sexualized, resilient, and outspoken lyrics reclaim her femininity and Black feminism. She used her platform to bring awareness to current topics. Her music skyrocketed because of her relatable and feel-good lyrics. Her music has had a heavy influence on artists today: Beyonce, Normani, Aaliyah, Teyana Taylor, Ciara, and Rihanna.  


Janet Jackson (1982):

Janet Jackson released her first album, Janet Jackson, in 1982. The album was number 84 on pop charts and had hit singles such as “Come Give Your Love To Me” and “Young Love”. Her next album to be followed is Dream Street. In 1986 Janet Jackson soared the music industry with her hit pop album Control.  








Control sold 8 million copies and included the number 1 song “When I Think of You” and “What Have You Done for Me Lately”, top 5. Control was nominated for 3 Grammys and nine American Music Awards.  

Rhythm Nation:

In 1989, Janet Jackson Released Rhythm Nation 1814. Rhythm Nation is an R&B and pop album that called for social justice and unity. In response to the Ronald Reagan era. The album included hits like “Rhythm Nation, “Black Cat”, and “Love Will Never Do”. The upbeat album sold 8 million copies. Rhythm Nation won 3 American Music Awards. She touches on substance abuse, crime, povertypoverty education, and race, with a few love songs. Technology is heavily used in Rhythm NationThe album consists of synthesizers, drum machines, sound bites, sound effects, bass linesand electric guitars that give loud and aggressive feel. Jackson also utilizes syncopations and call-response. This album is a staple in African American music.  

Janet Jackson Signed a contract with Virgin Records in 1991, which was the largest recording contract in history, at $32 million.  



In 1993, Janet Jackson’s fifth album, Janet, was released. The album sold over 6 million copies and featured top songs like “That’s the Way Love Goes,” “If,” and “Any Time, Any Place”. Janet Jackson tied with Aretha Franklin as the female solo artist with the most gold singles. “That’s the Way Love Goes” won a Grammy for Best Rhythm and Blues song. She had her first lead in a movie, Poetic Justice, co-starred with Tupac Shakur and directed by Oscar nominee John Singleton. Jackson received an Oscar nomination for the song “Again”.  





In 1995 she released the song “Scream” with her brother Michael Jackson. The music video for scream cost $7 million to produce, making it one of the most expensive music videos. She also released the album Design of a Decade, including “Runaway” Top 5 on the charts.  


The Velvet Rope:

The Velvet Rope was released in 1997. In this album, Janet expresses her sexuality, feelings of abandonment, loss, and pain. The album songs like “What about,” which is about domestic violence, “Can’t be Stopped,” addresses racism, and “Together Again” were created in solidarity with people who lost their lives to AIDS and to bring awareness to the topic.   

The Nutty Professor:

Janet Jackson Starred in the film The Nutty Professor ll in 2000 with Eddie Murphy. Her song “Doesn’t Really Matter,” featured in the movie soundtrack, reached number one on the pop charts.

All For You:

In 2001 one she released the album All For You. Due to the success of her album, she received an $80 million record deal with Virgin records.  

Damita Jo:

In 2004 Damita Jo was released. She collaborated with artists like Jay Z and Kanye West.  

No Sleep:

The single “No Sleeep” was released in 2015 and embarked a world tour.


The album Unbreakable was released in 2015 and reached number 1, making it her 7th number album.  

In 2019 Janet Jackson was inducted into the 2019 hall of fame.  


In January 2022, Janet Jackson will release her documentary on Lifetime.


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