An article by reads, “Disco music owed a great deal to funk. Many early disco songs and performers came directly from funk-oriented backgrounds.” An artist that came directly from Funk music to Disco was James Brown. During the first half of the 70’s, James Brown’s music scored heavily on the R&B charts. At the time, Brown’s music was elemental and beat-driven. But while his work was topping the charts, his white audience began to retreat. To remedy the problem, in the late 1970’s James Brown shifted his music into a new gear. To attract more listeners, and maintain his musical empire, Brown branched out into the world of Disco music. In July of 1979, Brown released the disco-funk album, The Original Disco Man under Polydor Records. One year after the release, Brown retreated back to Funk music and released his 52nd studio album, People. [embedyt][/embedyt]