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Let’s Get Funky

Let’s Get Funky!: An Introduction to Funk Music What is Funk? Funk is considered an urban form of dance music. This genre of music emerged

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Go, Go, Disco!

ALL ABOUT DISCO Background The word disco is short for the French word disctotheque. This form of music emerged in the underground dance venues in New

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It’s Musical Theater!

Black Musical Theater The growth in participation of African Americans in musical theater evolved naturally. Theater was an outgrowth of religious rituals and communal story

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Styles of Jazz

JAZZ Previous Next What is Jazz? Jazz is widely thought of as the most successful point or “pinnacle” of African American Music. Jazz is distinguished

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Marian Anderson Article Review

Previous Next Article Review: “Lift Every Voice: Marian Anderson, Florence B. Price and the Sound Of Sisterhood Marian Anderson was a very influential African American

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The Blues

Background  Towards the end of the first decade of the 20th century, the term “blues”started to become associated with a new style emerging from Black

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All About Ragtime

Background  Ragtime was a musical style way before the music was given a name. The ragtime style gained widespread popularity from about 1896 to 1920.

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History of Jubilee Quartets

Background The African American quartet tradition is an artistic form that originated in the mid-1800s. The early African American a capella vocal groups were originally

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Folk Article Review

The article titled “African-American Folk Music”, gave great information about the history of folk music and how it was birthed out of those who were

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