It’s time to get Funk(y)

Funk, being known for is outside-the-box label, was originated in the late 1960s. Funk has its unpredictable sense of lyricism combined with aggressive grooves that insinuates dancing. Some characteristics of Funk are a heavy bass lines, the beat on one (instead of two and four often in R&B), and more often than not live instruments that accent the beat on one. Another characteristic of Funk music is the use of background singers. The social implications that come with Funk gives the urban people a chance to dance and groove. For example, one of the hit shows/ live performances of Soul Train, a plethora of funk tunes were played which gave millions of people all across the world a feeling of moving around and expressing how you feel through dance. Through this dancing, connections where made, relationships flourished, and more artist networked and showed their creativeness.

Important performers include James Brown, Teena Marie, and Rick James. James Brown and his band who emerged in the 1960s established that he was at the forefront of funk tunes. With classics such as ‘Get on up’. Teena Marie whos voice was extraordinary beautify complimented the heavy basslines that accompanied her music. Rick James a vibrant personally fit the stereotype of a funk performer due to his unorthodox lyrics and vibrant style. During the Civil Rights movement in the 60s going into the 70s songs like ‘Say it loud’(Im Black and im proud) by James Brown gave black people a chance to be unapologetically proud of there complexion through funk. Earth, Wind, and Fire another hot funk group at the time of the 1970s gave funk a new sound that startled the game and pushed evolution to create future generes. Funk influenced genres to take it to the top unapologetically including Hip-Hop and Disco music.

Examples of funk music are linked below;

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