Is Disco really dead?

Disco was in its prime in the early 60’s through late 70’s. This new fun sound of music was at the top of the charts and people’s hearts. The mix between strings, synthesizers, and electronic instruments had the dance floor going crazy. Many new dances formed because of this genre including the “bump” and the “hustle”. Nightlife was at an all time high during this time in New York and Philadelphia. Disco was known for being about sex, drugs, and the gay community. This was a time for people to forget about their worries and just party. Soul Train helped expand the audience to disco and many new artist. Some of them being Donna Summer, The BeeGees, and Sister Sledge. Donna Summer was the “It Girl” of disco and named the Queen of Disco. Her beautiful sultry voice dominated the dance floor and the charts. 


The Impact

Disco not only impacted the way people made music, but the way they dressed too. During disco’s height in the 70’s it was all about bell bottoms, psychedelic patterns, afros, and big voluminous hair. All of these are making a comeback now, even the sound of the music. Tiktok is a huge contributor to this trend. Many people from all around the world are putting their own spin to the classic 70’s / disco look. I personally love this trend, the disco era is so nostalgic. It is good to see that disco is still alive!

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