Is AI the New Future?

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence, AI is a futuristic technology that is connected to a branch of computing that is capable of performing different tasks. AI can usually perform its tasks based on a command of a human being and or a code created by a human being.

Examples of AI:

  • Siri – The voice within an iPhone that can complete a variety of different tasks based on a human command
  • Alexa – A smart device, that performs different tasks based on a human’s tellings or based on an iPhone/screen a human controls
  • Maps/Navigation
  • Text Editors and Autocorrect
  • Face Recognition
  • Digital Assistance

Can AI take over the future, and the artist that comes with it?

I do not think AI can take over the future, and or the artist in it. AI works based on the commands and programming of a human. Without the artists, there would be no functions for AI. Not only that but AI has no meaning and or expression, and what is art without either of those elements? Art comes with process and creativity, the experience, and the history behind it, AI can not portray those things, and that is one key reason why AI can not take over art and artists.

Like stated before art is an expression, it is more to art than technical skill, and unfortunately, that is all that AI can offer. All AI can offer is a skill and a final product. There is too much that goes into art, for it to just be replaced by AI. AI can inspire new work and execute artwork beautifully, but it can not express the meaning behind the art and the significance of it, therefore; it could never take over the future of art.

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