Is AI able to replace human art?

As we continue to advance and innovate technologically, the idea of AI’s role in humanity continues to change. While we’ve all seen shows and movies like Terminator where technology takes over, there are a tons of ways AI can be used to help society as well.

Just like the frist Industrial Revolution, automating certain tasks to machines frees up more space for humans to work and expand their horizons. Tasks from planting, assembling cars, household items, and even some surgeries have become the responsibilities of AI/robotics. While AI has come to a point where it can write your paper or schedule a meeting automatically, I believe it will never be able to replace humans, especially when it comes to art and creation.

Humans are always creating, from simply doodling to humming your favorite song in your own key. Creation isn’t always conscious. Furthermore, the human experience is unique and varied. How can AI know about those minute details that remain a mystery even to the human mind? How can an AI know that one thing to say that isn’t simply regurgitated and remixed from already available art MADE BY HUMANS. Art could never cease to exist, but if it did who would AI steal their data from?

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