Alexis Eichelberger’s IME

My name is Alexis Eichelberger. I’m a sophomore Spanish major from Columbia, Maryland. My mother plays the clarinet, and my father plays the cello, so starting at age eight, my brothers and I were told to choose an instrument. From then on, we took music lessons and played in our school bands. I began playing a four valve Euphonium in the third grade, and continued until my freshman year of high school. I went to band camps, as well as played numerous solos in school recitals. By age 15, I was changing schools. My new school had no band, so I set my Euphonium aside and used my favorite instrument: my voice. I began singing in kindergarten, but didn’t actively join any groups until I began at my new high school. I joined a group called Images, an A Capella soul and R&B group at my school. We performed at events, on holidays, and even got to sing live backup and record for Rachel Platten. Since I graduated high  school, I have not sang publicly or played my Euphonium. It is exciting for me to be back in a musical environment to get a taste and learn more about my old passions. I am interested to see how this semester and what I learn in it will affect if I start singing again or pick up my instrument.

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