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Hello, my name is Synahia Tigner, a Junior economics major from Hogansville, Ga. Though a small town girl, I have big dreams, with hopes of creating a lane for Black women within the fashion and retail industries by establishing a high-end and reputable brand. To build its foundation, I started my own fashion and lifestyle blog,, where I spend most of my spare time working.



Since I was a child, I have always been inquisitive. I like to know all there is to know about things that I am interested in, and music is one of them. It is an artform that transcends lateral ways of thinking and goes beyond the mind, reaching the core of the souls of its listeners, which is why I love it so much. I enjoy classes and coursework that take me outside of the monotonous work of my major, and yet still leaves me satisfied with something new to take away. Music is an integral part of my life and I hope that with this class, I am able to fall in love with it all over again.



I like to think that my experience with music has been quite well-rounded. It has been apart of my life for as long as I can remember. At a very young age, I attended a Baptist church with my Great-Grandmother. I remember the loud sounds of the tambourine, the thud of the drums, and the shouting of the choir that would shake the whole place. Music was one of my favorite parts of going to church. It helped to form the foundation of my religion because where I could not understand the messages of the bible, I understood the lyrics to songs and the feelings that they gave me.  


My whole family is very musically inclined. My grandfather was a singer and a member of a local band with whom he played the bass guitar and occasionally the electric piano/keyboard. My mother has a lovely voice and I always heard her singing around the house. My grandmother, when she was physically handicapped and could no longer attend church on a regular basis, had CD books full of gospel songs. She would play them almost everyday as I sat on the porch singing and dancing along with her. My father was a poet turned rapper and made music as a hobby. He had a studio full of instruments and equipment for producing, and as a little girl, he would let me record my own songs. All of these things inspired my love for music and keep me so attached to it everyday.

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