I am Imani Clincy, a junior English major. Because of my love for music, I felt this class would be wonderful for me. I always have my headphones in, no matter what I am doing. For me, if there is no music, there is no heartbeat. I played percussion/xylophone in 5th and 6th grade. From 9th – 12th grade, I was a part of Chorus. Although I did do these things, I never actually learned to read music.  The way I was successfully able to navigate chorus was by listening to pitches and memorizing songs.  Now, as a college student, I just make playlists for my friends (haha).  My parents raised me on music; my mother would put headphones on her stomach while she was pregnant with me. When I came into the world, she would make me actual mixtapes..cassette tapes with mixed music. As for my father, he would do the same. Both of them instilled the importance of music and creativity in me. My parents were heavy in genres like Jazz, Funk, Soul, R&B, and Gospel. My mother resticted how I was able to access my music- I was not allowed to listen to rap until much later in my highschool career. Though I did not realize it at the time, it played a very important role in how I have come to appreciate music. Not to discredit rap, but sampling is very foundational part of rap/ hip-hop. By my mother filtering my music exposure the way she did, it gave me the langauge and ability to crituque  rap. I was able to know what song was being sampled, and then compare it to how it was being used in the song.  I was also able to understand the difference between rap and Hip-Hop. I had a strong understanding of the preceding music that set the foundation for all of the music in rotation today. Through black music, the state of the Black  community is documented and passed down. I personally feel that music was our new way of passing down oral traditions when we were prevented from doing so when enslaved. By taking this class, I hope to learn more about Black music in a much deeper aspect than just that of a connissuer, but also now as a scholar.