Lena Wright- IME

My name is Lena Danielle Wright.  I am a graduating senior chemistry pre med major from Hampton, VA. I am very passionate about medicine and have aspirations of becoming a gynecological oncologist. I enjoy crafting, baking and DIY projects. My favorite musical artists include The Weekend and Chancellor Bennet.

My mindset going into this course is to learn as much as possible. It is not required that I take this course so I’m purely taking this course for enjoyment. I hope to learn a lot and change the way that I examine black music. Through out history music has been such an essential part of our culture and I feel the way I analyze this portion of our culture is very important

I do not have much experience with music. I took a women in music course this past semester and I really enjoyed it. Prior to that I played recorder in middle school. I did classical ballet for 15 years and that allowed me to learn a lot of musical terms and classical music.

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