Im Feeling the Blues


Blues developed in the Mississippi Delta in the nineteenth century by former enslaved people , and descendants of enslaved people. Blues music took influences directly from earlier genres such as folk and Negro spirituals sharing the formation of lyrics around exactly what the genre is titled, the blues.


Chants and hollers – much like the Genres before it used call and response, blues uses chants and hollers as a form of storytelling

Guitars- add flavor to the blues songs chord progression

Harmonicas-  free reed wind instrument notably used in blues

important Performers

B.B King, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf 


Most of the early blues songs were never recognized and neither were the creators.After the formerly enslaved that performed blues traveled north this genre of music was introduced to Elvis Presley who made a greater profit off of blues than the originators did.

Social Implications

Blues music was not only a way to express the difficult times in life, but also overcoming and releasing what is inside in a positive way. Blues became a driving force behind the Civil Rights Movement. Protest blues songs rose up such as Change Gone Come by Sam Cooke. This song and others like it encouraged the American Negro to continue forward in the fight against racism, segregation, and all things related.

My Opinion

Blues music was not only a way for African Americans to express their struggles and down times, but also as a way to promote overcoming these hard times. Blues music is the soul of all music creating the mainframe for artistic expression through lyrics and rhythm. I personally enjoy blues more now that I have done research and found out the ways that blues pushed my ancestors on when they needed it.

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