Idrianna Bowleg

The Story of Jazz Video Notes

Jazz was demonized in its early stages, thought of as a sin

The combination of native African music with European music created a new genre of music like never before

Ragtime(unsyncopated) was the essential foundation of jazz

Billy Boldwin was the first popular jazz musician 

Louis Armstrong is known as the father of jazz because he added his own style to jazz through his trumpet solos

Being self taught was a common occurrence in jazz musicians

Jazz formed in New Orleans, but eventually found its place all over the US

White people were able to exclude Black jazz artists from professionally recording jazz for awhile because of interrupted access to music studios

Black people moved to North during the migration, specifically Chicago to look for a better life

Armstrong played the trumpet in a way that others could not, he could play high notes consistently

Coleman Hawkins made the saxophone a part of the jazz instruments

The Charleston was a dance created by james B Johnson inspired by the momentum behind jazz

Duke Ellington was first performing with a band but gained popularity and started to lead his band

Harlem became the center for new music creation

Jazz was the reason for newfound expression in sexuality according to a study

Jazz eventually became known globally, emphasis on Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington

Kansas City became the hub for southwestern jazz musicians, the city’s nightlife was vital to that

Religious folks did not tolerate jazz 

Racism still stood as an obstacle against talented Black jazz artists

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