I said a HIP-HOP, to the…

Hip-Hop, the most listened to genre in America, was originated by African-Americans in the late 70s in the New York area. It was in the 80s when hip-hop started to spread across the nation, and each region developed their own flavor of hip hop. For example in New York the lyrical scheme of hip hop was hard, aggressive, and real. On the other hand in places like houston, the beat was more of the important part of the music. As Hip-hop began to progress so did the beats the the rappers rapped over. Some characteristics of Hip-Hop include the hi hat on every beat while adding eighth notes of hi hats in between, a melody, and a deep bass line created by 808s. The kick is normally laid back giving hip hop music its “groove”. The characteristics that Hip-hop beats posses makes it easy for any artist ti rap over. In the early 90s hip hop stemmed off into battle rapping, beat boxing, and break dancing.

Due to the fact that hip hop is known a aggressive it is often looked bad upon socially. Also known as street poetry hip-hop/rap gave artists a chance to express the daily struggles they face. While the artists of hip hop relay their stories, the creators of the beats they use also advanced there tactics. In the early 2000s producers began to sample old Soul, R&B and Disco tunes and adding rap beats behind them for rappers to rap over. Such producers like Metro Boomin created a new wave for rappers to follow and develop their rhymes off of. The other genres created from hip-hop include trap music. Trap music deemed its name due to the fact that artist who made this type of music relayed the hardships they faced every day in the ghettos of their cities. Known trap artist through history are Lil Wayne, Bun B, and Jay Z.  Being black in America comes with a lot of problems that our white counterparts will never understand and hip hop gives the world a chance to experience what is feels to be in such predicaments.

Examples of hip-hop music are linked below;

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