I got the Blueeees

The Birth

Blues emerged from the deep south in the 1900s. Created by African-Americans, the Blues expanded the community’s voice and provided another means of expression. Blues was influced by its parent genres including minstrel show music, ragtime, and negro spirituals. 

The Sound

Blues is in large part expressed through voice. The singer is a major component in the sound. The genre is where AfricanAmericans really began to exercise their lyrics. Blues like many other generes adopted the traditional call-and response technique. 

The Feels

Blues generally projects sadness if you were to describe it as an emotion. The tone is very melancholy. This genre is different from others because the music focuses on expressing feelings rather than telling a story.

The Talent

The history of the Blues and singers who set fire to it are difficult to be given credit because the genre was poorly documented. However to see some popular artist in the genre: 

Blues Sanngers

MEMPHIS BLUESSS; composed by W.C. Handy. One of the earliest documented strains of Blues. He is know as being the father of Blues. He was the first to publish blues music. 

Mamie Smith, Ma Rainey, Ida Cox, and Bessie Smith were the “classic blues singers”. They were a hot commodity and were backed by jazz bands. They are renowned for their classic blues sound. They were amongst the first to record the Blues.

Eddie Son House, known as being apart of the Mississippi  Delta Blues. He was renowned for his intensly emotional style singing and superior guitar skills. 

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