Hot Stuff: Donna Summer

Donna Summer was know as the “queen of Disco” in her era due to her powerful vocals. Donna had a unique voice that carried her all the way to stardom. When she dropped the song “Love to Love you Baby” she was an instant sensation and a force to be reckoned with. Donna’s voice incorporated that soul and spirit and in contrast with the funky dance beats she sang on, made the world want more.

Donna Summer spent seven years living in Germany where she connected with Giorigo Moroder and Pete Bellotte and they produced some ever lasting hits. The produced songs like “Love to Love You Baby” and “I Feel Love”. These songs were able to chart international charts and boost her in her career and the disco genre. Summer’s albums were charting well which allowed her to dabble in other areas like acting. 

Summer had never stopped producing or changing throughout her years as an artist. In an interview with Billboard, she talked about her most recent  transformation which happened to be into a country music singer. With her husband and also musical partner, Sudano, they created some pretty popular country songs. Summer was all an all around talented woman. She charted during the disco era and managed to stay relevant even when it died. Donna Summer is truly the Queen of Disco as her discography matches her title. 

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