Homecoming Hip Hop Concert

Homecoming Hip Hop Concert 2018

I attended the homecoming hip hop concert on Wednesday, October 24th in the Forbes Arena. The lineup included Young Nudy, Waka Flacka Flame, Travis Porter, and YFN Lucci with Playboi Carti and YG as the headliner. The concert lasted for 5 hours which made this the longest concert I have been to. Despite this, I really enjoyed myself. I had the constant feeling of nostalgia especially when special guests Travis Porter and Waka Flocka Flame performed. My favorite performance was YG’s because of  the California feel he gave me.  The performance I liked the least was Young Nudy’s because I am not familiar with his songs. Besides Young Nudy, all of the performers came with great energy. 

Because I am taking this class, I payed attention to characteristics such as rhythm, timbre, and instruments. Each artist had their own unique style. The instruments that were used in this live hip hop performance were  synthesizers, microphones, samplers, and drum Machines. 

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