Hip Hop in the Pandemic and the Rise of Tik Tok Sampling

Gia Tejeda, Christine Bynum, Ayiana McDow

Many artists, today, are putting their own flow and twist onto older ionic songs using a technique called sampling. 

Since and before the pandemic started, sampled music has taken over and become very popular all around the world. 

Some artist even sampled their own songs and made new songs from their own samples. For example, T-pain sampled his “Buy You a Drank” song and put it in his new song “I Like Dat” he has Kehlani featured on. 

Music sampling is the reuse of a portion of a song in another song. Oftentimes listeners don’t recognize that a song is sampled until further investigated or recognized by a peer.

What is Sampling?



Influence of TikTok on music

Artists, record labels, music marketers, and aspiring artists are flooding TikTok with new music, with 15-60 second increments featured as sounds. TikTok has become the leading go-to platform for discovering new and popular music. However, this does not only include new music; it can consist of music that has been outside the mainstream or popularly streamed music for decades and gain popularity over TikTok in minutes. As a result, many of these songs often end up on Billboard 100 or even Spotify Viral 50, despite the year it was released.


The remixed "Unwritten" Song gained tons of exposure via Tik Tok as influencers were creating trends for the sampled song

Just like the NEXT TWO SONGS on Tic Tok...

Was a #1 trend on TikTok for weeks and counting

- New club song
-Remains a staple in party music and pop culture
-Very popular on TikTok
-Considered the new hype song