‘Hip Hop Hippy’

Hip-hop and rap is today’s most widely consumed music genre. Coming from the black communities in New York City, hip-hop was a genre entirely unique from any genre we’ve seen in the past. Hip-hop and rap music draws directly from cultural elements of African and African american decent. Characteristic of the genre include, recreational exchanges of insults, mixes, rhyming, lopping, remixing, and sampling. Rap can be used to explore vague generalities or confront real socio-political issues with the nation. Because rap is such a staple in the community it was often used to spread messages through the community, at times productive rally cries to fight against oppression, and at others to work out the latest beef between artists. Socially hip-hop and rap changed the way we as a community rallied around certain causes and ideas, which is a part of what makes this genre so powerful. Public Enemy is one of the greatest rap groups, ragging against “the man”, and putting their political lens on rap music. Public enemy was known for their more radical approach to spitting rhymes, as they continuously called out the hypocrisy of American culture. Hip-hop being the most consumed genre in the world has garnered an abundant following, constituting the money to subsequently follow. Record companies became making millions in return off their hip-hop and rap artists because the music could be played everywhere, from the radios to the clubs, rap and hip-hop was here to say and the record companies got the message. Hip-Hop and Rap music is a genre that is constantly[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=am9BqZ6eA5c[/embedyt] influencing itself. Whenever a new popular artist steps on the scene it changes the collective sound during that given time.

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