Hip- Hop All Around

Origin of Hip- Hop

Hip – Hop is the most listened to genre of this century. The history of rap music has its roots since the days of slavery.  This form of music was an outlet originally for the pain and suffering experienced by slaves. Although rap music has been around for centuries, it made a comeback in 1975 in New York.

Elements/ Characteristics of Hip- Hop

There are a few elements that help to identify Hip- Hop. These elements include: Djing, Mcing, breakdance, graffiti, and knowledge. I know you probably would not think these, but they are essential in making this genre what it really is. 

Social Implication of Hip- Hop

Hip- Hop has a lot of social influence on society today. People use this genre to express their feelings about how they feel about certain  things such as their personal life and politics. Also Hip- Hop is most times used to degrade women. I enjoy listening to hip- hop, but when certain songs degrade me as a woman I tend to not listen. The artists keep doing it because it makes money. They have younger men out here thinking it is okay to say and do certain things because they hear these lyrics and see videos. 

Commodification of Hip- Hop

This is a genre that was started by blacks. Of course over time this genre is not only ours anymore it is theirs as well. We had influence on them to then start creating hip-hop. We know many famous artists today such as Iggy and others. This shows that we are doing something right because they started to create their own form of Hip- Hop.

Influence on other genres

This genre has a great influence on other genres. If it were not for other genres this one would not exist. 

Old Hip- Hop

New Hip-Hop


I enjoyed learning about the elements of Hip- Hop. This is one of the last genres, but I feel that later in the future another genre will be created. I hope that the future of Hip- Hop will not continue to degrade women. These rappers have a lot of things to say and it sounds better if they do not have to cuss to get their point across. Clean versions sound just as good, but at parties you will hear the explicit version. 

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