Hip Hop 101

Hip Hop is one of the most popular generes of music today. Its influence stretches all over the world. Hip Hop was originally created within the black community and portrayed what everyday life was like. It gave black people an outlet and freedom for some to express themselves in a fashion that came naturally. Hip Hop is not designated to one group of people defined by their race, religion, sexual orientation etc.
The term Hip Hop is just a broad overview of what it really consists of. Hip Hop has many different sub genres within itself such as Old school hip hop, Gangsta rap, G-funk, Bounce, Mumble rap and Trap.

Old School Hip Hop was created in the 1970s in South Bronx, New York. During this time, disco music was most prominent but young black kids needed something they can relate to and express themselves through.
DJ Kool Herc is named as the father of Hip-Hop. He used basic everyday items in his house to create sounds and beats that lead to the sound of what we now know as Old School Hip-Hop.

Artists: Dj Kool Herc

Gangsta rap was all about storytelling aboout life as young black adults in the 1980s on the West Coast. These stories typically involved a lot of violence becayse it was apart of eveyday live for these young black people. The music typically sounded hard with a lot of bass.

Artists: NWA

Bounce music started in New Orleans in the 1980s. It became popular at a club call Ghost Town by MC T. Tucker. The sound within Bounce music is called triggerman beat which consists of heavy brass and Mardi Grass Indian chants and call and response. The East and the West coast had their sound so New Orleans created their own. Something very unique about bounce is it is the only genre of Hip Hop that accepts, supports and promotes the LGBTQIA community.

Artists: Big Freedia, DJ Jubilee

G-Funk began in the early 90s on the West Coast. The sound came form sampling music from the funk era but with gangsta lyrics. The founders are Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and The D.O.C. This music promotes partying and living life to the fullest. It has a huge influence on contemporary music now.

Artists: Snoop Dog

Trap music became a thing in the early 200s in the South, more specifically Atlanta, Georgia. Ghetto Mafia and Dungeon were the first to call their sound trap. The name came from what happens in a trap house. Trap houses are where drugs are made and sold. The lyrics typically pertain to drugs and childhood struggles and the fame that a particular artists has achieved. T.I is now known as the father of Trap music.

Artists: T.I., Lil Baby

Mumble rap made its appearance in the 2010s in Atlanta, Georgia. The point of mumble rap is that you can not understand or articulate what is actually being said. It's about the sound. Future said in the interview that he likes the sound. It has been controversy between the old artists and new artists. Clsiming that mumble rap is the new aritsts way of being lazy.

Artists: Future, Young Thug

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