CLAP, CLAP, CLAP, BOOM, SNAP! RATATATA! This is the sound that has been recreated, refurbished, and reverted through out the time of history. Passed down through generations to generations and originated in the land of the djembe. The land where the souls of the people that live there were connected to the roots of the soil. That grew and sprouted through out the trans-Atlantic and continue to flourish in today’s time. From the ships to the Americas to the blocks of Chicago all the way to coast of California. Hambone is a style that we all know that has evolved differently within every generation.

Today we recognize hambone as “lemonade *clap clap clap* iced tea *clap clap clap* Coca-Cola *clap clap clap* Pepsi *clap clap clap* lemonade iced tea cola cola Pepsi turn around touch the ground get back up and break it down now freeze 👁👄👁”. In modern day; hambone has significantly shaped every child’s childhood no matter what background they are from. It is amazing how all throughout America you can find traces of African culture even in Eurocentric cultures. It has been the source of entertainment in the pre-technology era as well as the post-technology era. The way children would past time during recess, while waiting for their rides home, and distracting themselves from thinking about the shots they were about to receive during their yearly checkup. The catchy tunes and rhythms of hambone are so powerful that it has created a foundation in children throughout the Diaspora within every culture. It is the roots of Africa that uplift our world!