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This southern-influenced rapper ,Radric Delantic Davis professionally known as Gucci Mane is an American hip hop singer and recording artist who has pioneered ‘trap music’—a subgenre of hip hop. His actual name is Radric Delantic Davis and Gucci Mane is his stage name. He took to writing verses during his childhood, began experimenting with rap music when he was 14 years old. He released an album named ‘Trap House’ on his own that featured the number “Icy” in which his colleague and rapper Young Jeezy lent his vocals. Though the song was well received by music buffs and enthusiasts, the promising rappers’ collaboration fell apart as they had an ugly spat over the copyrights to the single. Soon after, Gucci was indicted with murder after one of his colleagues used a firearm against a motley group who were allegedly attempting to usurp his brand ‘So Icy’. While Gucci was still on trial, he was yet again slapped with charges of battering the promoter of a nightclub. Following the dismissal of the murder case due to insufficient evidence, he was eventually released from jail after serving a six-month sentence for mugging. Shortly after, he unveiled his second album ‘Hard to Kill’ which was followed by the release of a string of indie albums and studio recordings in the subsequent years. Gucci has recorded and made public countless mixed tapes as well as featured in a couple of movies in his professional career so far.