Gospel: Then and Now

Gospel Compare and Contrast


To start off with the most obvious observation, both songs, “Going Up Yonder” by Walter Hawkins and The Love Center Choir in 1975 and “God In Me” by Mary Mary in 2009, are songs of gospel and were created to spiritually uplift the church, inspire its people, and give praise to the Lord. Additionally, both of these tunes were sung by women and have a band of instruments playing along with them. Both speak highly of the Lord and establish respect for him and his work. Also, each song, although different, portray a theme present in the bible. Whether it be faith or praise, both songs refer to a biblical way of life.  


Older gospel songs usually have a choir present and their contribution is easily detected in the song in a form of call and response. On the other hand, Mary Mary are the only two musicians that you can hear in their newer gospel song “God in Me”. Also, although both songs must have bands and instruments being played along with them, the old gospel song sounds as if it was recorded with a live band in an actual chapel, while the other sounds like it was created in a studio with production. In addition to that, “Going Up Yonder” has a slight increased presence of repetition and less verses. I think that this tactic is used primarily for dramatic affect or in order to emphasize the message portrayed in the song. This new gospel song has a more lyrical effect and uses popular culture terms like “fresh” and “checks with a whole lot of zero’s”.

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