Gospel: Same God Right Now, Same God Back Then

What is Gospel?

Gospel music is rooted in the African-American community. It derived from the rise of slavery due to slaves being forced to participate in the religion of their slave owner when they arrived in America. Gospel stemmed from Negro spirituals which was black people’s take on what their faith in Christianity to be.

Gospel: Then

Artist Shirley Caeser released her 1987 song “Sweeping Through the City” under the genre gospel. In the recording of this song Caeser was beautifully accompanied by a choir.  In this song she talks about God getting you through a situation and you not going back after you have been ‘delivert”. She also sing in the style of Negro Spiritual with her use of call and response. 

In her musical arrangement she is accompanied by organ, drums and bass guitar which in some parts of  the song gives it funk sound.

Gospel: Now

Artist Queen Naija released her song “War Cry”as a gospel song in 2018 on her self titled EP. In this song Queen is discussing thing that are currently going on in the world such as materialism, death rate, and the negative side of social media. She exclaims we need to fight with our faith and lean on God in times of trial and tribulation. 

In the musical arrangement of the song Queen is accompanied by a choir and a amazingly produced track.

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