Gospel: Past vs. Present

Past Song: He’s an on Time God by Dottie Peoples 1994

Present Song: Won’t He Do It by Koryn Hawthorne 2017

Gospel music is an integral part of the Black community’s expression and synthesis of music and dance in which individuals unify as a whole. It represents a strong link to African roots. Many aspects of gospel music encompass cultural, societal, and historical processes that influence the development of gospel music. Dottie Peoples, known as a songbird of the south, began with a background of Jazz music. With a vocal range of soprano to alto to tenor, she has also been compared to Patti LaBelle. It has often been said that Dottie Peoples has a gift for creating thought-provoking music that is able to resonate with individuals throughout the world. He’s On Time God by Peoples represents the long rooted musical talent that originated with our ancestors.

Koryn Hawthorne is a relatively new artist who has appeared in the gospel industry. She was a finalist in season 8 of NBC’s The Voice, which represents her fresh voice within gospel entertainment. Won’t He Do It, was the lead single from her debut material and reached number one on Billboard’s three main gospel charts. This song encompasses the basis of African American gospel music but also utilizes a sound. This sound appeals to younger generations and represents a shift in how the church is seen and interpreted.

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