Gospel over the years

Gospel music is religious music of African Americans that emerged in urban centers during the early decades of the twentieth century. Gospel music is performed for aesthetic pleasure, religious and ceremonial purposes, and also as entertainment. During its origin, the entertainment aspect was very hard for some of the older religious blacks to grasp because they had always just thought of gospel as only being able to be preached. Gospel turning into music and being sung was something that was expected to be problematic. Over the years there has definitely been a noticeable shift in gospel music and how it is sung.

It has been noted that some of the new Gospel music out today, instead of focusing on worshipping God and his ways with men, focuses on man and how God provides help to him. Instead of Gospel music incorporating any type of preaching it seems to solely focus on the singing. In addition to that, some Gospel artists are starting to sing over hip hop-like beats, which tends to take away the authenticity of God-centered Gospel music.

Current Gospel Music:

Earlier Gospel Music

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